Golf Flexibility

Golf Flexibility

Focus on Golf Flexibility to Start Fitness Program

From Sean Cochran

The first step in our golf fitness program - designed to help get golfers back into the game following a layoff - is to work on golf flexibility. The goal of the golf flexibility part of our fitness program is to develop the required ranges of motion within your joints and muscles so that you can execute the golf swing correctly.

The golf swing requires you to draw the club through a large range of motion. For this to occur, each joint involved in the swing must have the ability to perform the actions of the golf swing correctly. Often times this does not occur because joint restrictions exist within the body. This is a result of certain muscles being "tight" and "inflexible," and that can cause compensations in the swing.

To counteract such a situation it is advisable to implement a golf-specific flexibility program. Keep in mind these things before starting:

  • I recommend such a golf flexibility program be performed a minimum of four days per week;
  • Allow yourself 10-15 minutes per session in order to execute the exercises correctly;
  • Pay strict attention to technique;
  • And be certain you are in good health and cleared by your physician before beginning any type of exercise program.

Commonly, I find amateur golfers having joint restrictions (i.e., "tight" muscles) in the lower back, hamstrings and shoulders. Restrictions in these areas cause the golfer to compensate within the golf swing. As a result, it's beneficial for the amateur golfer to target these three areas of the body in their golf flexibility program.

So those are the areas we'll address in our the golf flexibility section of our overall golf fitness program:

 Golf Flexibility Stretches