Golf Functional Training

Golf Functional Training

Golf Functional Training is Fourth, Final Component of Offseason Fitness Program

From Sean Cochran

To this point in the development of your golf fitness program, we have discussed golf flexibility, golf balance and golf core training for the improvement of your swing. The final section of a comprehensive golf fitness program is the addition of functional training exercises.

The golf swing is considered a total-body athletic action, utilizing every muscle, ligament, and joint in the body to execute it. As a result, you will find functional training - which integrates the entire neuro-muscular system into cross-specific exercises - is best for the golfer.

During an individual exercise, functional training incorporates certain muscle groups to act as primary movers, while other muscles act as stabilizers. It thereby gets the entire body into the exercise.

I recommend performing your functional exercises after the flexibility, balance, and core sections of your golf fitness program.

Golf Functional Training Exercise