Audio Recordings on FR Buses/Vans

Audio on FR Buses and Vans
Posted on 04/13/2017
This is the image for the news article titled Audio on FR Buses and VansFR Buses Now Equipped with Audio Recording Devices

Murrysville, PA (April 12, 2017) ~ Franklin Regional School District recently passed Board Policy No. 810.2 (Transportation Video/Audio Recording), which permits the District and its transportation provider to record audio on all district buses and vans.
The use of video and audio recording equipment supports efforts to ensure the safety and security of all students, staff, contractors and others being transported on district owned, operated, or contracted school buses or school vehicles.

ACT 9 of 2014, an amendment to the Wiretap and Surveillance Act, was signed into law by Governor Corbett. Act 56 of 2016 was an amendment to this act that changed the notification requirements. The amendment clarifies that audio taping on buses and school vehicles is now permitted. Use of video recording devices on school buses has been in use for many years, however, the Wiretap and Electronic Surveillance Act had been interpreted as not permitting audio taping. This new amendment now provides clear legal authority to permit audio taping on school buses.

According the law, audio taping on a school bus or a school vehicle is permitted as long as the following are provided:

1. The school district has adopted a policy that authorizes audio interpretation for disciplinary or security reasons.

2. Each year, the school board notifies its students and parents or guardians of the policy by including the notice in the student handbooks.

3. The school district posts a notice that students may be audio taped, which notice is clearly visible on each school bus or school vehicle that the bus or vehicle is furnished with audio recording equipment.

The policy is available to the public at the district’s website:

The District will begin audio on all Franklin Regional buses and vans on Monday, April 24, 2017.