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This page provides financial information for the Elementary Project (Sloan property). The information provides includes millage and anticipated median costs to taxpayers. This page will be updated as new information presents itself during the lifespan of the project.

What is the elementary project’s anticipated impact on property tax millage?

The exact millage impact cannot be determined due to potential alternative funding sources (private and governmental), reallocation of human resources, operational savings (gas, electric, and water), and other factors.  This makes predicting the exact impact impossible.  


  • Debt Run Rate Increases for Sloan project would equate to 4.52 to 5 mills spread over five years
  • This equates to about $154 to $170 for the median homeowner
  • One mill equates to $34 for the median homeowner
  • The goal would be to phase in millage increases over five years. 
  • These figures do NOT include any potential savings, efficiencies, or alternative revenue sources.