Project History/Process

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Two factors were fundamental to the development of the Franklin Regional School District's facility planning. First, the Franklin Regional School District buildings are 50-90 years old and have experienced increased unplanned building maintenance problems in the last few years. These conditions necessitated that the Administration and School Board assess the FR building conditions to determine the most cost-effective facility plan for the next 20 years. Second, the Franklin Regional School District previously established a vision for building a world-class school system that provides students with 21st-century competencies. This vision is dependent on investments in essential technological tools and facilities to support student learning. Implementation for many of the improved educational initiatives has been limited by the current design of the FR educational spaces.

In 2016, the School Board commissioned the performance of a facility conditions analysis (called a Feasibility Study) by an independent structural and architectural engineering team. The Feasibility Study was completed in early 2017. The estimated cost of the ten-year maintenance/repair needs of the FR elementary buildings is $32 million.

In 2017, the Franklin Regional Administration and School Board thoroughly evaluated the results of the Feasibility Study and began to consider potential alternatives. Input was obtained from members of the community, parents, faculty, staff, and students in multiple Town Hall meetings, round-table discussions, and planning meetings. Many visits were made to school districts in the region that had recently complete similar initiatives to help determine the best path forward.

In September 2017, the Board of School Directors approved the plan to design a comprehensive elementary campus on the Sloan site to include renovation of the existing Sloan Elementary building to create a K-2 primary building and the construction of a new intermediate 3-5 building. The Administration and the School Board determined that this approach was most cost-effective considering the age and conditions of the existing FR elementary buildings and, equally important, would provide dramatically improved educational facilities for Franklin Regional elementary school students.

The design of the renovated primary K-2 building is completed. Renovation of the existing Sloan Elementary School is scheduled to start in 2019. Completion of the intermediate 3-5 building is estimated by 2020.

Additional details on all of the above items and copies of the relevant documents are provided in other locations of these FR Construction/Renovation web pages.