Safety Improvements

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Safety remains the number one priority for Franklin Regional. This page explains the safety enhancements that will be a part of the facilities included in the Elementary Campus Project. The architectural rendering below allows you to view where the outdoor recreational areas, bus and parent drop off vehicle pathways, and natural barriers that exist as a result of the new design.

Sloan building footprint

Franklin Regional places the safety of students and staff at the top of the priority list. The new Sloan Elementary campus emphasizes several safety improvements with emphasis on the separation of vehicles traffic and buses, an improved method for parent/student drop-off and pick-up, and security school day community building entry access points.

  • Planned safety improvement for the two schools include:
  • Separate areas for bus and parent drop off
  • Access roads around the campus for emergency vehicles
  • Natural barriers providing privacy from traffic and passersby for children on the playgrounds and outdoor learning spaces.
  • During an emergency, students can be evacuated from one school and housed in the other building