Mission Statement

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We, the Franklin Regional School community, strive for excellence, learning, achievement, and citizenship in all we do.


Our Vision

We are committed to excellence. Students, families, staff, administrators, and community partners work every day to make our school more vibrant, rigorous, creative, adaptable, and fun.

Learning: We are committed to learning as a multi-faceted, life-long process and the focus of everything we do. We expect everyone to develop knowledge, skills, and self-awareness.

Achievement: We are committed to growth in academics. We promote, recognize, and value our accomplishments.

Citizenship: We act with integrity and in an ethical and responsible manner. In this way, we promote each person's ability to be a productive, contributing, thoughtful, respectful, and socially responsible citizen.


Our Shared Values

  1. Everyone is expected to act with honesty and integrity.
  2. Everyone can learn.
  3. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be valued and respected.
  4. Everyone is a contributing partner in the educational process.
  5. Everyone is entitled to an environment that promotes high expectations and accountability through challenging and meaningful work.
  6. Everyone is encouraged to embrace a lifelong quest for learning.
  7. Everyone is responsible for the effective utilization of resources.
  8. Everyone is expected to appreciate the importance, contribution, and impact of diversity in our global society.
  9. Everyone is entitled to and shares responsibility for maintaining a safe, supportive environment.
  10. Everyone is expected to learn to engage in dialogue and discuss differences with civility.

Our Foundational Planks:

  1. A safe and healthy educational environment by serving as effective stewards of all District resources and capital assets.
  2. A world-class educational system that develops college and career-ready students.
  3. Improved performance and growth levels in all areas -- academic, artistic, and athletic.
  4. Outstanding customer service, family partnerships, stakeholder relationships, and community engagement through communication that is professional, responsive, clear, and timely.
  5. Fiscal integrity, efficiency, and governance effectiveness in all operational areas.