Tips for Parents of ELs

Your child works hard at school.  Allow extra time to do homework.  Be sure your child gets rest.

Communicate with your child's teacher often to discuss progress and any questions.

Encourage your child to participate in class.

Encourage your child to share his/her culture in as many ways as possible.  

Pictionaries are very helpful for the EL.

I SPY and ABC Books also increase vocabulary in a fun way.

Any word games such as Scrabble and Boggle help with English spelling.

Speak some English at home.  Explain concepts in your native language first then English.

Use English in your home, read newspapers, magazines, the comics, ads, coupons, books on tape.
Your child should be reading books for pleasure at an easy independent level.

It is important to focus on understanding of the book as well as pronouncing the words.  
Encourage your child to read and read again, in the native language and in English.  

Look around you and read everything you can find inside and outside home and school.  
It is important to record memories during your stay in the United States. 

Children love scrapbooks and diaries. You will be happy to have a record of your stay here.

Pittsburgh is an exciting city.  Visit the zoo, the museum, movies and local tourist areas. 
You may enjoy a visit to the Nationality Rooms at the Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh.