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Meet the Franklin Regional School District Counselors

The Franklin Regional School District follows a developmental approach when it comes to Counseling services.  In elementary school, middle school, and high school, a counselor follows each grade level throughout that cohort's time in each building.  For instance, if a student has a counselor in Kindergarten, that counselor will be assigned to that student through grades 1-5 as well. This is valuable in that the counselors get to know each student’s strengths and needs.  It also allows the student to become comfortable with the counselor. 
Meet our Franklin Regional School Counseling Staff below.

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Elementary School Counselors
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Heritage Elementary School

     Patrice Klimchock        x 7005
     Paris Long                    x7006

Newlonsburg Elementary School

     Doug Kelly                    x4125

Sloan Elementary School


     Julie Fikejs                    x3250

     Laura Wurzell                x3244


Middle School Counselors
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     Brian Coiner                  x2007

     Marissa Fenwick           x2006

     Jill Huffman                   x2008

Senior High School Counselors
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     Ami Zachetti                  x5009

     Art Earl                          x5008

     Danielle McCann           x5026

     Kristin Scott                   x5007