Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How can my child receive speech and language services through the school district?

Please refer to the websites "Speech and Language Referral Process" page for the answer to this question. 

2.  Is speech and language part of special education?

Yes, a child must have a speech and language impairment that interferes with their communication within the regular curriculum to qualify for services.  Speech and Language is a disability category under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act): Chapter 14.  Please contact your child's school therapist if you have further questions regarding this topic.

3. What will my child miss from the regular education curriculum while they attend speech and language classes?

The teachers and support specialists carefully select times for which children will be pulled from his/her classes.  This is usually based on a time of day that children are not receiving new instruction in core academic classes.  This topic is reviewed as part of each IEP process and will be discussed at the meeting to allow for parent input.  We are a support service and do our best to accommodate student needs. 

4.  How long will the speech and language therapy take for my child to meet their goal?

This is a common question that, unfortunately, there is no definitive answer.  Therapy services and outcomes are based on each individual child's circumstances and progress. Therapy must be a collaborative team approach with home, classroom and therapeutic support.