Golf Fitness Program for Getting Back Into the Game

Golf Fitness Program Addresses Winter Conditioning, Return to Golf After Layoff

From Sean Cochran

 Many golfers are unable to play during the winter months, and only get back into the game as spring approaches. One of the ways to prepare after any layoff from the game - whether weather-related or not - is to initiate a golf fitness program.

So I've designed a simple golf fitness program that can help you get back into the swing after a layoff. The goal of this program is to improve your golf swing through the development of the body. Keep in mind that the execution of the golf swing requires certain levels of flexibility, balance, strength and power. A golf fitness program can develop these attributes within your body, and working on these things before your golf season gets into full swing is a good goal.

(Note: Always pay strict attention to technique.)

 Golf Flexibility

Focus on Golf Flexibility to Start Fitness Program

Lower Back Stretch: Cats Up and Cats Down
Hamstring Stretch: Rotators

 Golf Balance

Read the Golf Balance intro, then add this exercise to your routine:

Golf Balance Exercise: Single Leg Cone Reach

 Golf Core Training

Read the Golf Core Training intro, then add this exercise to your routine:

Golf Core Training Exercise: Tubing Side Rotation

 Functional Training

Read the functional training intro, then add this exercise to your routine:

• Rotational Lunge with Medicine Ball