Students in Action page three

Students in Action
Whether it is through speaking, drawing, reading, researching or dramatizing, all students can learn in ways they learn best in the ELD classroom.  We can share our customs too.

We practice our speaking
skills when we share our culture.Here are houses in
Puerto Rico and Japan.

Students share what their
houses look like back home.
Here is a house in the Czech Republic. 

They made graham cracker
houses to look like their homes.  Here is a house in Austria.

Making the graham cracker houses brought back memories for many students.  Here is a house in Russia.

Some students come from countries where it does not snow during the winter holidays. Here is a house in Taiwan.

After making the graham cracker houses, the students had to record the process and analyze similiarities and differences between the houses in their native country and here.  Here is a house in China.