Studying Native Americans Unit

ELs learn language and grammar as they learn about living in two cultures within the United States through the study of Native Americans. They also learn how to be supportive to all students within the "ELD Clan" that we are developing.

The Plankhouse door with our clan symbol explanations and our totem pole.

Students hold Native American Biomes depicting specifc habitats.

Fourth and fifth grade ELLs hold their strategy books they made to help them remember and retell facts about Famous Native Americans and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Here are the books from the Native American Unit.  we started by looking and comparing houses in our own countries with our house in the USA, then examined Native American homes and then the different groups.

Secondary ELs show their own strategy books they created using 3 of the different strategies to help them remember and retell what they have learned about the book "Around the World in 80 Days".

 Here are 3 examples of the strategies students used- the Time Sequence Pattern, the Descriptive Pattern, and the Episode Pattern.