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If a student athlete wants to participate in collegiate athletics at the NCAA Division I or II level, they must make sure they qualify academically so they can participate athletically. It is never too early for student-athletes to start planning for college. The NCAA defines a prospective student-athlete as a student who has started 9th grade.

To play sports in NCAA Division I or II, a student must meet specific standards. They must graduate from high school and make at least a 2.000 grade point average (based on a 4.000 scale) in 14 core academic courses. Recruited athletes should ask university officials about their policy on renewal and conditions of athletic scholarships.

Call the NCAA's Wanna Play? Know the Rules hotline at 800-638-3731 to hear recorded information that will help you find out if you are on track to meet academic and core course requirements. Student athletes who want to participate in Division I or II sports must register with the NCAA's Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. The guidance office should be able to furnish the forms for application to the NCAA Eligibility Center

NCAA Eligibility Hotline
NCAA Eligibility Center

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NAIA Recruiting
Each year, NAIA colleges and universities award $450 million to 60,000 student-athletes. With that aid comes a great education, a personal touch, and a shot at one of 23 NAIA national championships.
Every student must be registered with the NAIA Eligibility Center in order to be eligible with the NAIA.

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Please check with your school counselors and athletic office for additional information and/or questions.