Health and Allergies

Some of our students have allergies creating sensitivity or even life threatening reactions to certain foods.  The School Nurse will notify teachers of student allergies in their classrooms.  In an effort to keep all students safe, it is requested that snacks and other food items containing nuts and nut products be avoided in those classrooms.

Students with severe allergies must have a new allergy action plan in place at the start of every school year.  The allergy action plan must be signed by the student's physician and parent/guardian. Students who are prescribed an Epinephrine auto injector as part of their allergy action plan must have a personal dose of the medication in school at all times.  Epinephrine auto injectors may be carried by the student following completion of a self carry contract that is signed by the student, student's parent /guardian and the School Nurse.  The student's auto injector may also be housed in the Nurse's Office.  It is strongly encouraged that all students with severe allergies have at least one auto injector in the Nurse's Office and one on their person at all times (if self carry contract requirements are met).

Students may be seated at a nut free (peanut/tree nut) table while in the cafeteria during the lunch periods.  Please complete a special seating request form and submit it to the School Nurse at the start of the school year.