Volunteer in Our Schools

Volunteer Clearances

Initial Clearances must be dated within 60 months. They must be resubmitted every 60 months from date on clearance.

Once approved you must volunteer one time per school year to stay active.

Click to access:

1. Volunteer Application - Please check all schools you are interested in volunteering in.
     - If you do not have an account on Applitrack click Start, otherwise click login to continue a previous application. 
2. Child Abuse Clearance (No cost to volunteers)
3. PA State Criminal History (PATCH) Clearance (No cost to volunteers)
4. FBI Fingerprint Criminal Background Clearance - $22.60 - Volunteer Service Code: 1KG6Y3
    Volunteer Residency Affidavit
5. Tuberculosis (TB) Test: If required by the PA Department of Health, a TB test dated within the past 12 months must be provided. 

For questions please contact your School Secretary or email frvolunteer@franklinregional.k12.pa.us.

Additional Information:
- Frequently Asked Questions
- FRSD 916 Volunteer Policy
- Volunteer Letter Packet (includes Volunteer Policy, Volunteer Residency Affidavit, FAQ's, Identigo/FBI Registration Instructions)