Grants Awarded

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The FR Panther Foundation is proud to announce the following grants that have been awarded to outstanding programs at the
Franklin Regional School District.

Project Lead the Way - $40K

Dr. Bobbi Watt Geer, President of the FR Panther Foundation presents a $40K check to FR School Board President Dr. Larry Borland for Project Lead the Way.

The Franklin Regional Panther Foundation honored Franklin Regional School District with a $40,000 grant to be used for Project Lead the Way (PLTW). The funds will be used to purchase needed equipment for the program including an Epilog Mini24 50-Watt Laser Engraver, a BOFA Fume Extractor (used with the Mini24), a Roland BN-20 Printer/Cutter, and an Our Demo Roland LEF – 12 UV Printer.

PLTW is a K-12 educational program that engages students in hands-on learning experiences in multiple subject pathways including Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, and Computer Science. The pathways provide students with skills that are in demand and provides experiences in exploring real-world challenges. Students learn technical skills through their work, but also learn 21st Century skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

FRSD will implement PLTW during the 2017-18 school year in order to provide rigorous hands-on learning environments in the three pathways. It will also support a K-12 vertical articulation of subject-specific skills as well as support 21st Century skill development. PLTW provides a model program to jump-start a technology education program in the District, expand a Computer Science program, and implement a Biomedical Sciences program.

2017 Innovation Grants 

STREAM Forward - Newlonsburg Elementary School $11K

Innovation Grant 1

Project: STREAM Forward

Grades: 3-5  School: Newlonsburg Elementary   Subject: STREAM

No. Students Impacted: 130

Description: Newlonsburg Elementary teachers will pilot STREAM Forward with hopes of implementing the program across all FR elementary schools. STREAM Forward will impact all students in grades 3-5 and build upon their understanding of science, technology, research, engineering, art, and mathematics by encouraging students to be competitive in the economic and global society. Teachers will form a committee and create a course catalog. Students will participate in the STREAM Forward classes and projects. A culminating STREAM Forward Expo will be held to showcase student work.

Wireless pH Probes for Acid/Base Titration - FR Senior High -  $592

Innovation Grant 2Project: Wireless pH Probes for Acid/Base Titration

Grades: 11-12  School: FRSH   Subject: AP Chemistry

No. Students Impacted: 65 

Description: AP Chemistry students at FRSH already perform acid/base titrations as part of the “Aspirin Synthesis and Analysis” culminating project. Wireless pH probes, used in combination with Chromebooks will give students additional insight into pH changes during titration. Students would also have a better understanding of the importance of acid/base indicator selection as they witness color changes associated with the indicators corresponding to shifts.